What to Expect From a Tooth Bleaching Procedure

All of us are interested to have pearl white teeth to have a perfect smile; people who have stained teeth wants to have a smile make over and this is possible with tooth bleaching procedure. Tooth decay and stained teeth are just two examples of problems that people experienced today and with this, there have been a lot of techniques that were discovered as an answer to these problems.

If your problem is having stained teeth or you want to have it whiter, well, there is an answer for that – tooth whitening or bleaching. Bleaching is a process of erasing teeth stains and makes the teeth whiter; just like in skin bleaching, this process is will help your teeth free from any discoloration and to make it whiter.

In most cases, the teeth becomes stained due to coffee, tobacco, aging and even tea, the outer part of the teeth which is called enamel absorbs the color of the products over time.

This tooth whitening or bleaching is effective to whiten most of the stains of your teeth; it can be applied on the entire teeth or it can also be just applied to some. There are stains that may be located within the depths of the tooth and these might not be whitened by bleaching. Fluorosis, which is brown or black spots, is one example of some stains that might be hard and cannot be eradicated by whitening

In the application of the whitening procedure, you can also tell your dentist if you just want some of your teeth to be bleached instead of applying the procedure to the entire teeth. This will not be a problem since you can tell him if you want to select just few teeth to be bleached.

When it comes to the effects, you can definitely have seven times whiter teeth compared to what you have now; you can consult your dentist and ask him how whiter your teeth can get in having a bleaching process. He will show you some of the patterns or what they call shade cards. You can compare the shade of your teeth with it and see how much whiter you can have after the tooth whitening procedure.

Now, the difference between whitening products that can be bought in the markets and a dental clinic visit is that in a dental clinic, a dentist will be able to check you tooth health first. The teeth health condition will be checked first and he will be able to show you the shade card in which you will see how far your teeth will become white. In some cases, after one session of teeth bleaching a patient will see the results already and some will need about 2 to three sessions. When it comes to the usage of whitening products that were bought over-the-counter, the results can be seen after weeks.