Attract Everyone With Your Bright Smile

Who doesn’t like to have good and attractive teeth? You all might know the proverb. First impression is the best impression. The most important thing that everyone gets attracted towards you is your smile. You can only get a confident smile, if you have good teeth. It is therefore, necessary to maintain oral hygiene. Oral hygiene is so simple and easy if you care for your teeth regularly. You need to follow certain simple tips to get fine teeth. You should be very careful while choosing the tooth whitening techniques. Some techniques might be dangerous. It might hinder your oral health and hygiene.

Here are a few safe tips that make your teeth brighter and help in maintaining your oral hygiene:

1. You can use hydrogen peroxide to whiten your teeth. They assist you in removing the stains and the yellow color from your teeth. You have to mix this hydrogen peroxide with baking soda to make a paste. Apply this paste in your teeth with the help of a tooth brush. This is a good bleaching agent who whitens your teeth. Never use this mixture daily, since they might damage the enamel in your teeth.

2. Quit the habit of smoking to get good and bright teeth. Smoking is an unhealthy habit that brings stains in your teeth. You should avoid this habit completely to uphold oral hygiene and health.

3. Salt and lemon are the two natural substances that have the capability to whiten your teeth. You can apply this mixture on your teeth twice everyday to brighten the color of your teeth. Both substances are natural and removed the discoloration of your teeth without any harmful side effects.

4. Orange peel and lemon peel are also good for removing the stains from your teeth. People do not have the patience to wait for the results that come out from the natural substances. However, the result provided the orange peel is fast and long lasting. You need to rub your teeth with the inner white part in the peel to get pearly teeth.